Mountain Water News

In 1996 we purchased the land to build Mountain Water. Since then we have spent most summers there painting, walking, sitting, and hosting small groups of students and friends. The project is taking its own time to coalesce. Meanwhile, the land has blessed numerous intrepid visitors - artists, poets, vagabonds, and seekers, all struck by the silence and raw beauty of the place. This news page is something like a slow motion blog, with entries made on whim.

Fog at Mountain Water Ranch.

Some projects, like some beings, have a slow gestation period. Mountain Water is such a project. But here in the early months of 2017 things are stirring. This website is a tuned up version of an earlier site that has drifted anonymously on the internet for some years For the past two years we've been busy creating a simple and comprehensible legal framework for the enterprise. We are now legally registered with the state of Colorado as Mountain Water Ranch, LLC. We are working with Jamie Logan, a marvelous architect. We have launched a new website for Mountain Water Press. And a new Facebook page: @mountainwaterranch. (Go visit these places, we'll wait till you get back.) Look for details and images of these developments in the coming weeks. Meanwhile, we're planning to begin building in late spring, early summer!

None of this would be possible without the continued guidance and support of our core team: Samagra Melville, Emily Kencairn, and Laurel Mackey Miller; along with a host of generous angels willing to invest in the vision.

Stay tuned!