About Mountain Water

The vision to create Mountain Water first arose in the mid-1980s. During that time we were the caretakers of a small meditation retreat place in very rural southern Colorado. Our time there was preceded by many years of urban artistic life in Boston. The switch from the din and grime of an old east coast city to a silent, pristine mountainside was abrupt and welcome.

A panoramic photograph of late afternoon light across the Wet Mountains in Colorado.

The ancient and universal refuge of wilderness had an immediate and lasting influence on how we practice both art and meditation. The conclusion seemed obvious: people should be able to do this. It is our aspiration to provide a sanctuary for people to re-gather themselves through the means of meditation and artistic inquiry. The need and practice of refuge from the busyness of life is as old as humanity and our idea is not a new one. It does, however, offer the possibility of breathing new life into the overlooked potential of artistic practice to re-connect with the reverence and thrill of a youthful view. And speaking of a youthful view, you should really visit the new website! This one is a bit of a placeholder.

—Robert Spellman & Joan Anderson